Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Core’s Mandate and Mission

Each problem is different; and some can have many root causes. Uncovering the causes takes time and skill. At Core, our physiotherapists start with you, not the problem. We start by listening to you, to your history, in order to best assess and treat you.

At CORE Sports and Manual Physiotherapy we strive to be a center of excellence in providing exceptional patient service and care; our goal is to get to the CORE of your pain. This involves a thorough and detailed assessment focused on treating the cause of your pain. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled and able to identify your problem, whether it is the result of a muscle imbalance, poor posture, abnormal movement patterns or poor biomechanics. CORE physiotherapists incorporate a range of treatment techniques such as manipulation, mobilization, acupuncture, dry needling, neural tissue mobilization and core strengthening exercises. In addition to offering assessment and treatment services, CORE physiotherapists provide you with the necessary knowledge to get you and keep you moving, pain-free.

Why Manual Therapy?

Manual Physiotherapy is a specialization within the physiotherapy profession. A manual physiotherapist is nationally certified in orthopedic manual and manipulative physiotherapy and is highly skilled in assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. A manual physiotherapist uses their hands to assess and treat a variety of problems and injuries. The goal of manual therapy is to focus on the cause of the problem and to identify underlying structural imbalance/dysfunction that must be addressed in order to avoid perpetuation or recurrence of symptoms.